10 Reasons Why You Will Never Be Rich

I think that we can all agree that most of us want to be rich. We want to buy fancy cars and luxurious houses and travel around the world. We want more wealth than we know what to do with. But in reality, not everyone will get their wishes granted. So if you want to find out why your wish might not get granted, below are some of the reasons why you will probably never be rich. Enjoy!

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 You spend too much
01:49 You’re not investing
03:08 You have too much debt
03:59 You haven’t planned for your retirement
05:10 You’re content with a steady paycheck
05:55 You don’t negotiate your salary
06:42 You don’t have an emergency fund
07:52 You have a negative mind-set towards money
08:49 You stress so much on saving and not enough on earning
09:44 You’re pursuing someone else’s dream


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