10 Signs You Are Wasting Your Life

We live in a world brimming with wondrous opportunities, however, have you ever considered that you might be wasting all the wonderful opportunities that life has to offer. Well in this video, well share you ten signs that you are wasting your life.

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00:00 Intro
00:02 You spend a lot of your time doing meaningless things
01:15 You don’t get enough sleep
02:10 You spend a lot of time with people who have negative energy
03:12 You like to stay in your comfort zone
04:00 You don’t plan for the future
05:05 You spend money on things that don’t matter
06:01 You whine too much
06:56 You don’t read a lot
07:35 You are too conscious about other people’s judgement
08:30 You live to work

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