10 Things That Say’s You’re a Cheap Person

Are you a cheap person, or think you know someone who might be? Find out in this video. Enjoy!

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Time Stamps:
(00:00) Start
(00:19) They Never go out anywhere ‘nice’
(01:19) Cheap people spend more time counting their money than spending it
(02:10) They are willing to compromise on quality to save money
(03:05) They Reuses Teabags
(03:32) Skip meals intentionally to save money
(04:03) They always have an Excuse for Not Having Enough Cash
(04:38) Cheap people tend to make spending mistakes
(05:01) Dwells on what something costs
(05:29) They let You Pay Almost Every Single Time
(06:07) Cheap people don’t allow themselves to have hobbies

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