10 Way’s to Build Wealth – How to Become Rich With The Stock Market

You must have heard about the stock market, where companies and businesses trade their shares and investment values. Investment opportunities flood everywhere. Only for those who know how to mine them discover them and take advantage. In an age where working smart is the better way to earn, trading stocks is a very lucrative deal to get involved with. Thus, in this video, we’ll be discussing building wealth with the stock market. Enjoy!

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00:00 Intro
02:56 How Stocks Works
05:08 The first thing is to do your homework
05:32 Invest with discipline:
06:05 Monitor
06:27 Be realistic
06:50 Becoming super-quick rich with stock market.
07:02 Put in as much money as possible:
07:30 Invest in companies that do not give dividends.
08:04 Do not diversify:
08:55 Invest in small or medium cap companies.

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