10 Weird Ways I Saved Money Without A High Income

Now ive seen some weird things, on the dark side of saving money. People stop flushing, they start dumbster stiving and some people even go as far as to use animal products on themselves.

However I’m not that extreme so in this video. I’ll tell you 12 ways that I save money, yes they are weird but they are not that bad.

Context: I save money to invest money, to make me more money, and have my moneys money, buy me the things that I want.

So I’ll tell you how much I saved, and how I make

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1. Cutting my Own my Hair
– That saved me personally $20 per week and $80 per month
– I didn’t like the look after a week once you get haircut ( looks weird)
– So I bought a machine for $25 dollars and I haven’t gotten a haircut in the past 4 years

The Money I Make:
– Since its been 4 years: I’ve invested around 4k of those savings
– If my money makes me 10% ( that’s 400 a year in profit )
– Which now pays for the maintence of my dreads ( but I might be cutting them)

2. Bring Lunch to Work ( just cooking at home ) – and bring food home from work when we hard office events
– I wasn’t spending a crazy amount but I was spending around $15 per day and I was getting paid $8 an hour so it was nearly two hour of my time
– $300 per month for 20 days and I was getting unhealthy and was looking weird
– Today I cut that budget by $100, so I only spend $200 and buy organic food ( and with the $100 I can go on dates )

3. I bought coupon for dates
– I haven’t paid full price for movies in over 3 years
– I go on ebay and buy coupons for tickers and popcorn

4. Bought a Bike instead of car
– I lived in NY for 5 years
– My friends had car payments and car insurance
– I had a bike that I had to charge at night
– And when I wanted to go somewhere ( I just took a train)

Today I do I have a car ( that’s a video for another day)

5. I switched apartments
– I got my first apartment in Puerto rico, turns out I’m overpaying
– So I found cheaper one, and I’m about to move

For example:
– This move saves me $300 per month
– That’s $3600 per year

6. Started buying off-brands
– I stopped caring about clothing brands, food brands and all that marketing
– So Instead of paying $50 for nike socks, I buy 10 pairs of rebok sucks for $10
– Instead of buying cereal from the big brands, I buy the offbrand ( lol you would clown in school for that )
– Even did this with airlines

7. I switch states
– Depending how much you make
– Moving to state with no state income taxes could save you a lot
– I moved to an island to save even more

80% of my taxes are saved and invested now

8. Budgeted vacations (20$ a week) really anything that was expensive
– So I just divided what ever I wanted by 52 for vacation or equipment

9. Negotiated phone bills and cancelled subcriptions
– I was paying $200 plus and negotiated down to $122
– Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzCpD7ZrCJs

10. Buy used and second hand ( my cloths, my car, my equipment )
– 20-90% in saving more than often

11. I switched jobs .
– My friend is currently doing this
– His going to switch companies and get paid 20% more

12. Used a plane instead of moving company




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