15 jobs that will be in high demand in 15 to 20 years

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For jobseekers, or those seeking a replacement change or a new career altogether, you may wonder, what exactly is that the next step. Before you make the leap, you should know what’s going to be in demand within the years to come. So, in this video, we’ve listed 15 jobs that are suspected to possess “the most anticipated growth rates within the coming five years.”

We’ll discuss the jobs, their average salaries, and the qualifications required to secure these positions. Enjoy!


00:00 Intro
00:52 Home health aide
01:49 Nursing assistant
02:20 Construction worker
02:50 Physiatrist aide
03:34 Medical technologist
04:04 Driver
04:53 Research Analyst
05:46 Financial advisor
06:28 Health services administrator
07:02 Registered nurse
08:09 Web developer
09:04 Physical therapist
10:14 Information security analyst
11;05 Statistician
11:43 Software developer

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