18 Truths About Money That Banks Don’t Want You To Know

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00:00:00 Intro
00:04:21 Fake accounts.
00:07:20 borrowing money during high inflation
00:09:20 Banks help rich people avoid taxes
00:11:10 How & Where Exactly Billionaires Hide Their Money
00:22:25 leverage
00:26:59 the hidden tax on the poor
00:28:22 the missed opportunity
00:31:23 paper rich
00:32:33 IPO the dream of every startup
00:35:31 the place where all billionaires want to be
00:37:27 the real billionaires
00:38:53 royalties -the ultimate level of wealth
00:40:54 what banks don’t want you to know about buying a house
00:51:32 Keeping your money in a bank is a scam!
00:52:42 Every bank has the right to create money out of thin air.
00:54:30 You can make money by borrowing from banks and investing elsewhere
00:57:00 The richer you are, the lower the rate you get
00:59:00 Credit Cards are bank’s nuclear weapons

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