5 Big Things To Do With Money

People think that wealth is about the amount of money that you make, and the amount of money that you invest. And although those things are important, doing just a few important things right will make a big difference

Its not about how much you do, and it’s about doing the important things right.

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Obviously First: as you watch this video, if you think these things are extreme that normal because most people are not going to do things, because most peple suck with money.

Car You Buy and For How Long you Keep it ( 210k over 10 Years )

Lets say you bbuy a new car and you spend $30,000 on this car

You pay $700 on the loan and after 5 years, the car is worth about 15k

Most people drive it for another 3 years, and then take on another loan and do it all over again, all that money is gone forever and new car smell, turns into smoke


You buy a used car that cost $15k, and you pay cash so debt

You drive this car for 10 years

And you invest the $700 you instead per month ( 10 years later you have about 210k at 10% )

Tip: don’t forget most people drive a car for 8 years and all they have to show for it, is a negative number

The House you Buy, Length of Loan, Price of the House, and who are your neighbors ( 15 year of savings )

If you buy a house that’s to expensive it’s a burden and it’s a lock on your income for 30 years

If you live around the wrong people, they will influence and before you know it, you will be overspending.

Imagine spending 30 years paying off a home its ridiculous, its normal but its stupid

Instead: Buy it on 15 mortgages where the payment is no more than 33% of your monthly income

That means in 15 years you own your home or less if you make extra payments

That’s half the time

Saves you a lot of money in interest, a lot of time in payments, and a lot of stress.

Living Debt Free ( Risk, Stress, and creates simplicity )

Don’t have to worry about your credit card interest, payments or getting points

Your student loans

And somebody calling talking about collections.

I started living debt-free last year:

It’s a big difference, when you don’t have the cash you just cant buy it

And when you buy it, you own it

And you don’t worry about your credit score or any things else, life is different

What you do For Living

Yes, you can work a job that you don’t like an make an extra 200k a year

And if you’re smart and you work that job for 5-10 years

You can be set for life


For the average person that just a normal job that make 40-70k a year

Well making 40k at a job you enjoy, with a short commute, with the people you like can be a lot better

And don’t think I’m saying be irresponsible and don’t invest and rely on your job (but I’m saying pick a job you enjoy and do the things you need to do)

How Much you invest, and in what and when you start

the reason investing work, is because its like planting a seed

you plant one seed and you don’t get 1 fruit

you get many fruits

so I recommend you start investing:

once you are debt free and have a fully funded emergency account

invest just $200 a month for 40 years

turns into 1.1 million dollar, you cant afford not to invest

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