5 Things To Never Rush

I notice something strange and good is happening, people have a sense urgency to become successful or to get their life started correctly. But their a big difference from urgency and lack of patience

So in this I’m going to share the 5 thnings you don’t want to rush in life, if you want to have a successful life. And yes I’ll tell you my mistakes even if they are embassing but I rather you laugh at me, than cry, and me know I could have prevented that.

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1. Car
– I recently just bought a car, it’s a 2014 used Toyota prius with 91k miles that cost me around $9000 cash
– But let me tell you a story, before I bought that car i was in a massive rush, because I needed a car ( I looked like I just came out of the dessert and looking for water )

However the point is this:
– A car is a financial decision, and its tool ( we want a tool that works, and is reliable )
– But whether its black or white, new or old, we have to do whats best for us

Tip: Don’t be stupid, and get hustled by a dealer telling you your best bet is a new car. That in 5 years is going to worst less than half its value.

Tip 2: take the car to advance auto parts, my dad taught me 0 about cars, but my friends dad, told me take to mechanic, pay $75 and get a full check up. ( turns out that was the best decision ever )

2. House or Aparment
– I rushed into an apartment and now its costing me an extra $425 a month and that’s $5100 a year or if your nerd with investing like me, its like 100k In 10 years at 12 return
– My mistake was that I got super desperate, and when you are in a rush and desperate, that is a recipe for disaster

What I learned:
– Its okay if you are 25 or 30 years old and don’t own a home
– And its okay to compare and take it step by step when it comes to finding and apartment and signing a legal bounding contract

– Just because it looks like every rich guy on Instagram has a house, doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you
– If it was: then why do people go bankrupt, why do a lot of our parent look like the house is perdone, or why does it force a lot of people in paycheck to paycheck to paycheck

My advice:
– A house is a tool, and they all do the same job ( which is shelter)
– Yes you want a good area, yes you want to build equity and not just pay rent

3. Career
– This should honestly be number one
– Comment Yes, if when you graduated highschool you felt like you were rush into career

This is one of those things:
– You are going to be doing this job for a very long time
– So pick wisely

My Advice:
– Pick 10 jobs you think you like and then find every single detail about them
– From the skills you need, the pay they give, the cons and the pros

4. Marriage
– This is super important for life
– Marring the wrong person can break your life and while marrying the right person can help you a lot

My advice and what I learned:
– Spend 18 months getting to know the person ( without intimacy )
– Buy some remarriage counseling books and take those exercises together
– The goal is to stay objective and make sure that’s the right person for you

– You should be attracted to the person
– But that’s only 20% maybe 10%, the rest is going to be 80%

Tip: Listing to your gut feelings about that person

5. Big Life Decision ( somethings you can read about and somethings you gotta live through)

Again there is a difference between urgency and impatience




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