6 Ways Wealthy Christians Can Grow God’s Kingdom

There are wealthy Christians all over the Bible, but Jesus Christ was poor. So is it selfish being a rich as a Christian or being a wealthy Christian? No! We may not teach prosperity gospel, but we do believe that the answer to “Can Christians be blessed with money” and “Can I have money as a Christian” is a resounding YES! In fact, Christian millionaires, Christian entrepreneurs (like Dave Ramsey) and Christian billionaires have the ability to change the world in a way that those without the millionaire mindset simply cannot.

00:00 Introduction
01:08 My Disclaimer
03:09 1. Tithing
05:04 2. Giving Testimony
06:50 3. Employing Others
09:01 4. Sponsoring Needs
10:58 5. Making Connections
12:51 6. Serving in Church
15:41 Final Thoughts


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