9 Evergreen Businesses

As an entrepreneur or someone looking to start up a new source of income, it is natural to wonder which businesses will thrive even in challenging economic times. If you are looking to venture into a company that will be profitable for years to come, we have some suggestions for you. Enjoy!

⏱ Time Stamp:
00:00 Introduction
00:48 Waste management
01:47 The transportation business
03:03 Property Management and Real Estate Development
04:46 Loans and financial services
05:44 Events management
06:42 Technology
07:56 Education
09:00 Food industry
10:06 The Health sector


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▶ Money Principles the Poor Need to Know – https://youtu.be/bsl2w2KrEuE

📚 References: https://bit.ly/42mNpLr

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