Bringing In $420K A Year As A Recent U.S. Citizen

Eddie Nuñez left Lima, Peru at 14 years old for the United States. He made it to Virginia, but 7 years later he was arrested by border patrol and placed in detention. Eddie eventually represented himself before an immigration judge and won asylum. Today, he’s a U.S. citizen with a wife and two children. He and his wife earn $420,000 a year from Eddie’s work as an IT specialist, their snowplow business, seven rental properties, and his wife’s at-home daycare business.

Produced by: Zach Green
Senior Managing Producer: Eric M. Clark
Camera: Samantha Schutz
Editor: Dennis Donovan
Reporter: Megan Sauer
Animator: Eric Konon
Additional Footage: Eddie Nuñez, Getty Images

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Bringing In $420K A Year As A Recent U.S. Citizen

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