Former President Obama Speechwriter Opens Up | Working in Politics

Curious what it’s like to work as a CNN War Reporter or as a Speech Writer for President Obama or at one of Silicon Valley’s hottest companies? Aneesh Raman has done it all and today he shares his career story and personal reflections on the AAPI community at large.

Aneesh shares honest reflections about how he didn’t first believe a brown male in America could be successful in politics, how he left his established career as a well-known CNN War Reporter to take an unpaid role within the Obama campaign, what it was like to be Obama’s Speech Writer when he was elected President, and why he’s so excited about his next chapter at LinkedIn.

I also asked Aneesh for his personal commentary about the AAPI community at large. He shares his parents’ immigration story from India and how immigration has always been foundational to the fabric of America, offers advice to younger Asian Americans on claiming our identity as ‘Americans’, and reminds us what a unique opportunity and responsibility the AAPI community has in contributing to the conversations about social economic justice and allyship in America.

Time stamps:
00:36 — Aneesh’s upbringing and his parents immigration story from India
04:15 — How the AAPI community is not a monolith and what it means to claim your identity of being American
7:00 — His personal reflections and broader commentary on how Asian Americans can engage in conversations about social economic justice
10:50 — His career path from CNN War Reporter to the Obama campaign and Tech
15:30 — Taking risks
20:00 — What it looks like to be a speech writer for Obama
24:20 — His advice to younger Asian Americans
27:15 — Why he joined tech and specifically LinkedIn and his belief in tech for good

Book mentioned (behind-the-scenes of what it was like to be part of President Obama’s staff):

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