How a Vision of Your Dream Lifestyle Leads to Financial Freedom

How a Vision of Your Dream Lifestyle Leads to Financial Freedom

If you don’t have vision for your dream life, it’s tough to make money, eliminate debt, grow a business or achieve financial success. An abundance mindset requires that you visualize your dreams, which then allows you to save money, destroy credit card debt and build wealth for the financial future of you and your family. So give yourself permission to imagine your dream life, dream salary, dream net worth and what amounts to lifestyle freedom, so financial freedom can be made possible!

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5 Scriptures About God’s Promises for You
– 2 Corinthians 9:8
– Proverbs 10:4
– Romans 8:32
– Luke 11:9-13
– Psalm 37:4

00:00 Introduction
04:09 Dreaming Matters
07:03 Why You Stopped Dreaming
11:14 How to Dream Again
17:39 Final Thoughts

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