How Much Money I Spent In 2021

I have spent more money this year than I have ever, big reason being, I bought a few assets and I moved out the arms of my mom and her nurturing home and into the jungle. And this level of independence obviously comes at a cost.

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0:00 Intro
2:06 Life Expenses
7:07 Education
8:41 Giving
10:10 Wants for me
11:45 Assets
18:33 Outro

1. Life Expenses: And this Year after Leaving my Mom, Life was definitely Expensive
– You those memes, where when you live with your parents you don’t care about the lights, tooth paste or anything
– But the minute you start paying for things, it’s a different story.
– Now I should this first before I start these numbers, I moved this year to PR and I came here like 2-4 times to scote the place, air bnb and so on ( so I cant tell you how much that cost, because I don’t remember – I’ll say $2500 though as a high estimate )

2 Apartments in less than 3 Months:
– Here is the story I paid $1200 deposit and $1200 in rent for like 2 months and I broke my lease and lost my deposit ( turns out the lady was jacking me )
– So I found another place for 725 a month and the deposit was 725 ( on rent I spent this year like $7950)

Moving Cost, Furniture and Car
– I spent $2000 to move here
– $1500 on furniture ( shout to out to family )
– 9000 on a Car

Survival stuff: Food, Utilities and Gas + miscellaneous
– Between Light being 130, Food 300 and gas 30 bucks
– Plus an extra 20% for uncounted spending
– Maybe like $3312

Total of Life expenses: $23,762 ( but a lot of this stuff is like One time Cost ) nearly $3,960 a month, my real amount is $1300-1500.

2. Education
– Buying Courses, books and memberships

For my Books:
– Used thirfbooks and bought $200 worth of books and got like over 30 books almost

For audible like $15 a month:
– And I got another 12 books a year

Courses I spent: $500

Total: $880

3. Giving
– I wasn’t pretty Giving this year until I joined my church and officially became a Christian
– So this year in the last 2 month I donated around $2000
– Next year I wanna donate between $12k-$50k

It really does feel great to give and also give of my time to others.

4. Wants for me
– You wont believe me when I say this, but I had a hard time thinking about “ wants that I got, that I didn’t need “
– I did buy 3 pairs of sneakers this year 2 vans and some used adidas
– Socks and Boxers and I’m going to buy some more tshirts ( I got the same shirts since I was 14 years old and medium just fits to tight)
Overall: $1,000 ( because I do buy stuff on amazon too)

Joke: Amazon should send an end of the year you should be embarrassed statement

5. Assets:
Retirement account: $44,345.00 and that made me $8,917.92
Brokerage Account: $134k but its an estimate because I moved a lot of money to one account and the statement doesn’t tell you the Cost of Purchase ( but I made around $50k this year from my investments )
Property: $130,000 this year to purchase a Home ( but I still need to spend another 20-30 to remodel it )
Business: $25k-35k on the business ( big margin )




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