How The Rich Profit Off A Recession

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Although this may appear contradictory to some, it’s still possible to accumulate money during a downturn. Experts believe that recessions are one of the best times to build personal wealth. What’s the procedure for accomplishing this? To find out how to generate wealth during a recession, we turned to information from personal finance professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, and business leaders. What they had to say about it is covered in today’s video. Enjoy!

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00:00 Intro
00:28 Open CDs
01:20 Learn to Invest
02:00 Search for heavily discounted stocks.
02:29 Buy Silver
03:01 Buy Gold
03:41 Invest Using the Dollar-Cost Averaging Approach
04:22 Don’t Forget About Your 401(k) Plan at Work
04:59 Set-Up Passive Income Streams
05:38 Real Estate Investing
06:08 To help your business grow, take advantage of lower interest rates.
06:46 Consider it from a business standpoint.
07:05 Online, you can sell items that are no longer needed.
07:26 Rent a Space
07:41 Your Mortgage Can Be Refinanced
08:04 Profit from Expense-Cutting Opportunities
08:30 Pay Down Debt
09:05 Maintaining and Developing Business Relationships
09:48 Make an investment in yourself.
10:15 Now is the time to budget for a large purchase and save for it later.
10:49 Prepare yourself for a new job.

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