How To Create An NFT And Sell It

I learn by Doing, so in this video I will show you exactly how to Create an NFT and Sell it. Step by step without skipping any steps. What is an NFT: it’s a nonfundgeble token, where each NFT can be different and unique. So when you buy, youre buying a unuque digital file whether a picture, video or audio clip.

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0:00 Intro
2:53 Select a Market Place
4:15 Few things: Usually services will charge you a 2.5% fee
6:35 Create a Wallet
10:08 Connect your Wallet
12:30 Create an NFT
28:33 Outro

1. Select a Market Place: Opensea and Rarible But there are dozens of places just fact check them before using them ( lets create then for free and when it sales you pay the fees to write it into the Blockchain)
– Think of it like listing an item on ebay, but they don’t charge you to list it
– So if it doesn’t sell then no harm done

2. Few things: Usually services will charge you a 2.5% fee when the item does sell aka Gas Fee aka transactions fees also
– Onetime fees: Account initialization fee ( can cost between $70 -$400) – this is so open sea can have access to your wallet
– Recurring Fees :
– Acutions that are gas Free:

For you: you can have royalties

Alternatives are: Polygon and Flow Blockchain, con is you will be limited. To making 1 of 1s and also no auctions and the type of payment you can accept.

Step 3: Create a Wallet
– This is where your crypto Currency will be held
– Coinbase and Metamask are the most popular wallets
– Remember to use an autogenerated password and to store it somewhere safe or in your password manager

Step 4: Connect your Wallet
– Whether to opensea or Rarible
– Be careful with third party sites sometimes its scammers

Step 5: Create an NFT
– You can create a single NFT or Create a Collection like board ape ons
– OpenSea go to your profile pic, My collection and create one

Step 6: Click Sell it
– Opensea and Rarible

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