How To Live On A Extremely Low Income

So if you are watching this video, you might have a low income and are trying to figure out how to live a good life with it, I wouldn’t recommend that. Its like learning how to live with a bad situation, you can live in bad situation of season in life but you wanted to make it for your entire life.

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1. The First thing you want to Do ( if you are on a Low Income )
– You really want to figure out your budget and what your money is being spent on
– Its basically taking responsible for your financial health and knowing where you currently stand

So do me these 3 Favor:
– List all your expenses in two categories: Need and Want ( don’t worry im not going to tell you to live like monk)
– List All your income
– List all your debt and the Amount of interest you pay ( its irresponsible not to know how much someone is charging you to borrow money from them )

2. Prioritize your Financial Goals: According to where you are not according to what you want
– You ever heard the saying, that if you chase to rabbit you wont catch any
– Samething here, a lot of people are trying to invest, while they pay debt and they also try to save for emergencies ( and they have a plan to buy a vacation )
– You’re doing to much, you want lock into something

Here Are the Priorities:
– First: Minus your income from your Expenses: that tells you if you are underwater or above water ( obviously you need to deicde which expenses to keep, lower or get rid off )
– Second Step: Decide if you are Paying of Debt, Saving for emergency or investing or saving up for a house
– Third: Commit to the priority and take atleast 1-5% of your income to enjoy it guilt free

3. Tips to Help you on this Journey
– Remove your credit card information from website you frequently use ( and stop carrying it around )
– Use the 3 day rule: if you want something, wait 3 days until you buy it, most of the time, you’ll change your mind and refocus
– Compare Prices Before Buying ( you can even do this with groceries and especially gas prices )
– Avoid Shopping out of Boredom ( I know this lady with over a 100 pairs of shoes, shes retired and doesn’t really have anything else to do )
– Use apps to Help promote saving: Like Coupons and deals ( but only buy what you need, because theirs always to be a sale )

More Tips:
– Ask for a raise at work ( use Ramit Sethi to help guide you )
– Start a side hustle
– Free activities are also important ( this doesn’t have to be boring )
– Friends that have the same goals or joing a community helps too




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