How to Market and sell an NFT for Profit | Step by Step

So I made this video about How to Create an NFT for free and avoid all the fees ( just to help ), the video got over 600k views, which is absolutely insance and a lot of new people subscribe to the Channel ( welcome ). But one big question kept getting asked over and over and over again. Tommy how do I market and sell my NFT.

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1. Check this Out ( Open Sea and Rarible )
– There are a bunch of NFT projects, including my own “ The Boring Collection”
– And I made $43.33 as a joke just to teach people how do this stuff
– But for all the artist that don’t have that how do they set themselves apart from everyone literally

Common Sense says this:
– 80% of people are going to waste their time and lose money
– Just because it’s a hard business to do, doesn’t mean its not worth it
– If you’re trying to sell then you are doing it run ( don’t worry this is not charity )

2. If you care About marketing you need to Know these two people ( AL Ries and Laura Ries)
– These people are experts in marketing and especially branding
– They have worked with Ford, Disney, doritos and even Microsoft
– So they know what they are doing

However there is one big problem
– Most of you watching this video don’t have millions of dollars to spend on marketing campaigns, and also consultations
– However they have a book and the book is called “ 22 immutable laws of branding”
– And the answers that each of you seek is inside that book ( but I’m going to break down the basics in this video

Title Break Down: Immutable is something that doesn’t change, and the law is a system of rules.

Tip: Don’t worry the book is like 237 pages and each law gets a lot of examples and a lot of pictures ( I’m like kid, I like books with pictures )

First Lesson – What is Branding
– The simple way to look at it: is to make your customer think that’s their nothing quite like your product out their, basically that your product is special. Although it might come from the exact same place as a the competition

For example:
– If you ever get sick and walk into Rite Aid or CVS
– You will see a bunch of different brands, the big onces are advil and Tylenol
– However the company as its own brand with the same ingriends for a fraction of the price
– But people often buy “ the brand Product “ that is branding in action

How does this apply to your NFT
– Your job is to create a brand not just a product
– To have the things you put your brand on mean something
– Like Rolex means quality and high status ( what does your project or product or name stand for )

5. Lesson 3: The Benefits and The down Side of not focusing on Branding

First the Good thing:
– Pricing power: if a brand you love raise prices by 100% would you still buy it or move on ( apple and Candy companies )
– Customer Loyalty: You don’t have to be the best when you have loyalty and you represent something ( apple and Mercedes )
– More Sales: In the long term a strong brand makes a big a lot of money

The Bad side of Not following branding:
– Short term you make a lot of Money: think about if rolex made a $100 watch today, they could probably sell 1M of them without trying hard
– But in the long term the brand will suffer because it will standing for what it stands for

Meaning: When it comes to whatever you want to sell focus on long term Branding.

6. I know of you are taking Notes ( but what I have told you is just the introduction to this book )
– You have to read it




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