How To Quit Your Job And Make More Money 2021

How do you quite job the smart way. And I know all of us think about the movie scene where you stand on the table and you give this big speech and you walk out saying I hate you.

But that’s probably not the best thing to do, because your next employer is going to call your old employer, and tell him the story.

So for this video I’ll tell you the smart way to get it done.

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1. Reason to Quite your Job
– To keep it 100% real and serious
– I know a lot of you guys don’t just quit your job because of money
– But it also be a lot of extra reasons ( some people actually quit to get a job that pays less, or zero, but they are more happy ) so it just depends.

Common reasons
– Moving states
– Quality of life
– Better benefits
– You don’t like it or the culture
– You just want to make more money ( negotiate )

2. I recommend this exercise
– Write down the top 10 jobs that you would love to have
– Im talking about your dream jobs
– And then do all the research | what its going to take, how long, the pay, pros and cons and go as far as to watch by those people talking about those jobs

Then I want you to start crossing of Jobs:
– Be left with 3 and then decide out of those 3 which one you want to do long term
– And pick it and go for it

3. Tips before leave:

One: Have an emergency Fund
– If things don’t work out with the new employer you should have a safety net
– This helps you not come from a place of please I need this job
– To I want this job, but If doesn’t work I have saving to take care of me

Two: Make Sure you Lock in with the Other Company
– Never quit a job until you know you have another job lined up
– Not word of mouth but you know and its singed in ink

Three: Don’t burn any bridges ( don’t be like people that quit wendys and make a scene lol )
– But people take the quitting personal that’s just on them




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