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So if you are watching this video I assume you don’t want to waste anytime, so lets get straight into it.

In this video I’ll teach you 5 different ways to get capital for your business, meaning to actually raise money. And no I don’t mean go on Kickstarted, or try to get into Shark tank, or asking your grandma, not bad idea, its just that the odds are not in your favor.

And don’t forget what business is all about, its about you creating a service or a product, that is cool in a way, that a person is willing to part ways with their cash. So don’t ever forget, business Is about people and trade. Money is just paper.

0:00 Intro
1:53 Get a Loan and Pay Interest
9:08 Organize it as a corporation and sell stock to local business
11:46 Negotiate Equity For a service
15:23 Self Finance through business Revenue
17:39 You Finance it Yourself
20:07 Outro

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1. Get a Loan and Pay Interest
– you can receive a loan from a bank, small business lender or small branch
– you can receive a loan from an Angel Investor
– you can receive a loan from friends and family

– Business plan
– Business and personal tax returns
– Articles incorporation ( so yes a corporation )

First: Loan from a bank
– Traditional business loans: will require usually minimum annual revenue 50-250k ( this why they they always ask do you any sales )
– Short term Business loans: usually range from 1month – 18months and require a personal guarantee
– SBA Microloans: on average they give $13k

Recommendation: Paypal, and new services trying to get into the loan business make pretty solid loans and also government programs.

Angel Investor: I know you think shark tank big
– But an angel investor is anyone whos an investor who is willing to invest into your company or just lend you money
– You can find these people by going to conferences, an bring around them

Tip: just be careful not give up a bunch of equity and to remain a majority controlling party.

Friends and Family: You can do these by signing Promissory notes with family members
– I will say don’t take advantage of family or your parents
– I hear so many stories of families losing everything to support each other ( I call that stupid )
– And if your family is not willing to invest, don’t try to guilt them into it ( where their a will there is a way )

Hack: when a business is heavy in debt, you can offer the lenders to convert the money you own then into equity in a business.

2. Organize it as a corporation and sell stock to local business, and friends and family ( remember you bring them in as partners when you do this )
– now if you have a Corporation, and by the way you can review this with a CPA

3. Negotiate Equity For a service
– advertising company ( 50cent and vitamin water)
– Influencer
– Experience ( Shark Tank )
– Partnerships and connections

My Advice be very careful:
– Equity is where your big payday is going to come from ( and if you give it up, it can be a big mistake )
– And you have to understand strings they might want to attach ( legal stuff)

Story: of the guy that found the formula for rute bear and the advertising company

4. Self Finance through business Revenue
– this is slow but it can be done
– this basically means if your company is making money
– just reinvest the money and make some sacrifices

5. You Finance it Yourself
– Get a Job or a commission based job ( and start saying up the money to finance your company )
– one guy that kind of did this in the start was Grant Cardone




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