How to save for retirement in your 20’s | Women AREN’T saving enough

Curious how to save for retirement and how much should you have saved for retirement by every age? Here is an overview! Saving for your retirement is one of the best money moves you can make in your 20’s because it allows you to leverage the benefits of time and compound interest. But women aren’t saving enough for retirement and in fact they are saving half the amount that men are. In this video, I’ll share an overview of some of the main retirement accounts and tips for beginners.

2:20 — Why women are not saving as much as men
3:39 — Why it’s so important to start saving for retirement TODAY (leveraging time and compound interest)
5:25 — An overview on some of the main types of retirement accounts (401K, Roth IRA, Simple IRA, Sep IRA)
9:28 — How much to contribute to retirement
12:30 — How much you should have saved for retirement at every age
13:00 — 3 tips on maintaining momentum to reach retirement goals

THANK YOU so much for watching and hope this overview was helpful. As I mentioned in the video, the goal is not to make anyone feel behind on their retirement goals. We all have a lot we are responsible for and this information isn’t even widely accessible or known. On top of that, there are a lot of systemic issues at play that we are fighting against. I hope you watch this video and feel less intimidated by retirement and more motivated to get started today. It’s all about taking baby steps.

Sub count: 210! You all have such good taste in youtubers!!! JK but for real thank you so much for watching and supporting. It means a lot.


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