How to Stop Shopping so Much | Spending Rules to Save Money

Are you struggling to figure out how to stop buying things you don’t need? Have you been spending money so fast, you cannot save money? If you need to know how to stop shopping, you need some money tips (aka spending rules) that will help you stop spending money. And wives, if you’re struggling with finances in marriage, these money saving tips will also help you see how to manage money and marriage even better.

Need help mapping out the spending rules for your household so you can hit your money goals? Let’s talk…

Stress Shopping Alternatives to Save You Money

15 Budget Self Care Tips to Protect Your Mental Health

8 Emotional Triggers That Impact Your Financial Decisions (pt. 1)

7 Easiest Ways to Save Money in 2021 | How to Save Money Fast

00:00 Introduction
04:06 Rule #1
06:38 Rule #2
08:59 Rule #3
10:52 Rule #4
12:51 Rule #5
15:47 Rule #6
18:14 Final Thoughts


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