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So I want to be upfront and honest, this video is going to be super different, and super extreme, so if you like being comfortable, if you don’t like making changes then watch the damn video because you need this more than anyone.

When I was 19 I was super broke, because I had a negative cash flow, meaning I was spending more than I was making. I asked for help, people told me to save, how do you save when theirs not enough to even pay the bills, so they told me make more money.

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0:00 Intro
2:35 Humans have two Types of Desires
5:16 What do you if you are Negative
13:41 What do you Do with All the Extra Money
20:17 Outro

1. Humans have two Types of Desires: The on Going Desires and the Long term Desires
– Most of know whats important, health, financial freedom, Good family and to be happy
– But most of us get stuck in the ongoing routine of, I need the cheeseburger, I need that new car, I can afford the payments, I’m young ill catch up later, the shes not wife material but look at peach
– You have set aside those things if you want what truly matters

So the Smart Person needs to Find a Balance:
– If you remove every single ongoing desire, life will become ver dull ( that why people do this and then rebound and spend all the money )
– If you only focus on the ongoing, you’ll have nothing for the real desires
– So you have to find a balance, perfect balance is 60-40, realistic balance is 80-20 and barely a balance is 90-10

2. What do you if you are Negative
– Meaning you have less money coming and than you have going out
– Well here is where we get very extreme
– Because sometime you need to take crazy action to fix a situation

Frugal Tips:
– Cut Off Cable and even Home internet: you already have a hot spot and most people don’t use internet for work. ( plus less advertising )
– Take your Lunch to work: $20 bucks a day and you work 22 days out of the months, that’s an easy $440, with some youtube vids on meal prep you can easily make meals for 3-7 a day.
– Coffee Make at home: so I drink coffee now and did the starbucks thing for 3 days, and after spending $15 bucks a day basically on it ( I just $10 on bag and made it at home and it last me 1-2 Months )
– Don’t Buy things you don’t need: Advertising, Peer Presures and just wanteing to dumb stuff really keep people poor.
– Libraries over Netflix: Need entertainment go get at library for free by checking out cds and books. ( 10-20$ on amazon that connect to your computer via usb )
– Quit Driving your Car: Biking, walking or public transport may be a lot cheaper. ( or if you live in florida and those types of states, used viehical less than 5k and pay cash )
– Quit Thinking X is not Enough to Live on: I’ve lived in about 11 different places in my 24 years on this earth, one thing I know is that there are expensive areas and cheap areas, when you are on a mission take the L. I would love to live in with a pool and basketball court but that $3000 a month so I live in a $725 place a month

3. What do you Do with All the Extra Money
– Obviously you buy assets to pay you money every month ( no )
– There are 4 steps to financial freedom
– Pay of your debt except the mortgage, save 3-6 mnths of emergencies, Invest 10-20% of your income and pay off the mortgage as fast as possible while investing ( end and enjoy )

What do you invest into:
– I would do index fund ( Large Cap, Small Cap, INternantion, emerging market and Real estate)

Last Tip 2 tips:
– Large Well Vs Ongoing Stream
– Be patient




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