I’m Shutting Down My YouTube Channel

I want to apologize first because this is not the average video on this channel, but this important and that’s why I wanted to let you guys know

I’m not going to be uploading Daily anymore, and it feels like I’m quitting, like I’m giving up

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Part 0: How it Started
– When I started this channel I was only supposed to post 2 days a week Tuesday and thusdays
– But that turned into daily content for the past 2 years, and I have not missed a single day, I’ve made up for every video ( Aug 21st marks my 3 year anniversary )
– If I go on vacation to see my family, if I have to move states, I always leave enough videos in the vault to upload

Story: Part 1: How its Going
– I upload literally between me and my editor Danny, who is about leave ( so I will looking another editor, but you have to be located in Puerto rico or willing to move to Puerto rico )
– But seriously: we upload 21 videos per week but most of the time we make and create 30 videos per week
– And its a lot of work obviously, but that’s not the reason I’m ending it

Part 2: The Truth
– I work from 5am to 5pm on average on average ( and I run these 3 channels )
– But the main channel is the spark channel, the goal is just to solve a problem or to get some started with their financial life ( like my professor when he helped me )
– The Second channel is just fun ( its me reacting to content )
– But the Third Channel changed my Life ( I’ve spoken to around 125 of you guys directly for 30m on average )
– I’ve heard your stories, your problems, your dreams ( and I cant thank you guys enough for trusting me )
– But it always feels like I just don’t have enough time to help you guys directly, because the calls are only 30m and someone else is waiting to get help also
– So it makes me feel like I cant help. I don’t have a course, a book, a program to point you to. And more importantly since I’m 30 plus videos its hard to add more things to the schedule
– Without sacrificing family calls or my Health. And I made a promise when my Dad died that I would do that.

Part 3: What I’ve Decided, Solution
– I will not be uploading Daily anymore on the Main Channel or the Reaction Channel ( I will still take calls from 12pm-5pm for the Ask Tommy Bryson Channel ( and I will still upload those daily)
– But the new Schedule is this:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday you will see my on the Main Channel : 4pm eastern

Tuesday, Thurdays, Saturdays you see me on the Reaction Channel : 6pm eastern

Mon-Sunday you will see me on the Ask Tommy Bryson Channel : 12pm eastern time

– This is So hard for me, it makes me feel SAD honestly
– Because I really care about you guys, and I want to keep helping
– But I’m realizing that this is not the Way ( like Yota Says )

Part 4: The End
– What does this mean for you guys and also for me ?
– I will still be working from 5am to 5pm Monday-Friday
– But this will Schedule will allow me to work on other things

My First Goal is to Become a Teacher with Courses and Program
– So I will dedicated a part of the New time to Building you guys 3 Courses
– First: Financial Freedom Course ( From in debt to Fully debt free with a lot of money in the investents accounts )
– Second: Course on Youtube and how I built it ( I get so many questions )
– Third: In depth Investment Course ( telling you everything I know about investing, automation and retirement )

My Second Goal: is to Become an Author
– Will start by Creating 4 Ebooks ( one by one of course )
– And then start to formulate my first official Book




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