It’s Time To Sell Some Stocks…

Long term team for the win, that’s what I preach on this channel. Meaning we invest money that we wont need for years to come and let the market to its job.

However I’m also not stupid, a lot things are happening right now, the stock market crazy high, the real estate market is going up and inflation is real problem.

Btw next week you want to be toned in, because if you are apart of the long team and you’ve followed my portfolio. We are making a lot of money right now, but I’m about to change something in, which will make even more money ( just wait till that video is out )

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0:00 Intro
1:28 Why Is It The Perfect Time To Sell?
9:21 The Selling Process
20:18 Final Thoughts + Outro

1. Why right now is the perfect time to sell your stocks ( or why I’m selling them now)
– you ever got lucky and that luck turned into Cocky
– Not so long ago I was investing into the stock market and picking companies, and I got lucky, I picked 4 companies and made money on all 4, and then I put a big amount of money into a company I didn tknow much about

Why I’m I Telling you this Story:
– Because the stock market is doing so good right now, that you can almost invest into anything and make money
– For example: you know when you join a new broker/app, and they give you a random trash stock, I have over 50 shares of those worthless stocks and they are all making money

My advice is:
– If you have been picking stocks randomly with no real concreate information
– Meaning you bought because of tips you got from friends, youtubers, internet and so on ( and you are making a lot of money )
– It might be time to sell right now

Tip: before I show you all the companies I’m selling I want to explain why the market is so high

2. Why nearly everything is making money

Low interest rates: Treasury bonds are very unattractive and savings accounts also very unattractive. SO a lot of people are finding themselves investing into the stock market , or just borrowing money and buying real estate. ( because supply is still low, and demand is high, the little supply we do have, is experience a great amount of price increase)

Inflation: When the goverments prints money like crazy to try to prevent a recession which is a good thing, the money supply that we currently have becomes less valuable. Which means inflation forces people to save less and invest more, if they are smart. ( but don’t invest your home down payment, emergency funds and so on, that’s different )

So obviously we have all these things going for us:
– That honestly to me seem to be a little artificial
– So I’m taking ball and I’m going home
– I’m going to sell those companies that trash or speculative

3. Watch me Sell

– This portfolio can change if they want to change it ( which is not what I-want as a long term investor )
– They removed reits from the porotlfio and replaced emerging market completely from it with mid cap stocks

Robinhood Portfolio
– As you know this portfolio is 3 things
– Free stocks, Experiments, left over from transfer

– Made up of Freestocks and Left over Transfer
– I’m selling them all except for 2 companies Microsoft and J and J

Cash App:
– Experiment that turned into double money

4. How will invest this Money
– once the money settles, I will send it to M1 finance ( and trickle the money in over the next 12 months )

– Fomo: yes but I don’t make investment choices on how I feel
– I know two things, im sticking to my portfolio for the 10-30 years




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