Relocating To Mexico For $1,400 A Month | Relocated

Isaac Galvan, 23 was living paycheck-to-paycheck in Port Arthur, Texas but during the pandemic, he taught himself how to code and landed a remote job as a website developer making $12 per hour, about $22,000 per year.

His newfound flexibility allowed him to relocate to Querétaro, Mexico. In April 2021, he packed up his belongings and began his new life.

With only $3,000 saved up, he quickly found how far the U.S. dollar stretched abroad. Shortly after his move, he made down payment on a new car, signed a lease on an apartment and even saved a few hundred dollars a month.

“In leaving America, I felt like I was finally able to have the American dream,” he said, “I took part in this reverse migration so I could finally have a life of my own.”

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Relocating To Mexico For $1,400 A Month | Relocated

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