Sell Everything (Warning To Investors)

You ever walked into a barbershop, or a hair salon for the ladies; and you hear people having full blown conversations about things that they cant control, cant predict but they really believe what they are saying is the truth. For example, I remember being a kid and my grandma playing lottery and my grandpa saying don’t worry that number is coming out next week. ( and he would say the same thing, and when it would come, people would look at him as a genius ). So one day I gambled and the opposite numbers came out, and my gambling career was over.

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0:00 Intro
2:59 The Market is Down
7:50 What Should you Do
11:59 1929 Crash and a Joke
14:22 Outro

1. The Market is Down ( Why?)
– Well the fed is going to be having a meeting soon aka today
– And the general idea is that most likely they are going to leave rates the same
– But theirs always the chance that races might go up

Here is the Problem:
– 80% of all the money in the US economy was printed in the last 2 years
– The Interest rates were cut to nothing basically
– And when you have these two situations, a lot of money in circulation and it being cheap to borrow ( asset prices usually go up, that’s why the market went up, and the real estate market got hot )

Problem is:
– This can also cause inflation, which if you didn’t know is the prices of goods and services going up ( meaning the dollars get softer ) – which is at 7%
– And usually it varies between 2-3.5%
– This means that it becomes very costly to save money, and makes a lot more sense to spent money ( which in return helps the fed prevent a Recession because of lack of spending )

– That if the fed raises rates back up
– Things will change, it becomes more expensive to borrow money
– Bonds become a little more attractive, and the stocks and real estate market might slow down a little ( those this could cause a sell off )

2. What Should you Do
– The real questions is, which part of this can you control
– The answer you cant control any of it, except for your personal finances
– Meaning you cant control the government, the Fed or the treasury

So Main Questions: Should you Sell your investment?
– I’m not selling my investment although I literally had more 5 figures magically erased from my stock portfolio
– Why? Because I know that in the long term the stock market will go up ( and im also investing money that I wont need now )
– So basically I’m not selling, because I understand that what I bought will go up, and history is my proof

What about if I don’t know if my investment will GO up?
– I had someone called me the other day and asked me that exact questions
– He lost over 15k in crypto because of this crash
– And I asked him, do you know what your doing, he was honest said no, and I said you can keep it and hope it goes up, or sell cut your losses and invest into something you really understand.

Tip: Remember when the market goes down and people start seling, wealth is being exchanged

3. 1929 Crash and a Joke
– Joke is their will always be someone annoancig crash and his going to be right one day lol, like my grandad ( but you cant study that stuff )
– 1929 was a real crash that lasted over 25 years for a market recovery ( that’s dangerous )
– So it important that you are diversified




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