The 15 Rules of Success You Need to Know

It takes more than luck to succeed in business. It takes a lot of guts and big-picture thinking, as well as the determination to overcome the concerns that keep you locked accepting smaller rewards. Your work ethics, personal development, and responsibilities set the tone for your life and career. Remember to think boldly, expect nothing less than the best, have bravery, and most importantly, be nice as you follow these guidelines. Get ready as we uncover the rules of success, and maybe you too could embark on this journey. Enjoy!

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Collaborate with others.
01:14 Never neglect.
01:56 Consider possibilities rather than problems.
02:32 Self-check.
03:12 Manage your time.
03:58 Accept responsibility.
04:53 Be kind.
06:06 Adapt to Changes Quickly
06:42 Honesty is the Key to Success
07:26 Be Happy in All Situations
07:57 Surround yourself with greatness
08:42 Eliminate the bad apples.
09:12 Do what it is that ignites your soul.
10:09 Live with a warrior spirit.
10:39 Live with integrity.

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