The Army Paid $300,000 Of My Dental School Tuition

Andrew Vo, 32, never envisioned himself joining the military until he saw his hefty dental school tuition price tag and learned about the Health Profession Scholarship Program—a way for Vo to have up to four years of his tuition paid for by serving the military.

“It was a no-brainer,” Vo said. “It gave me the chance to have a real shot of being debt-free, owning a house, starting and supporting my family.”

Vo was awarded the three year scholarship and paid for the rest of his program fees by borrowing $176K in student loans—an amount far smaller than his dental school colleagues. After four years of service, what he didn’t expect was how much he’d come to love being in the army. What initially started as a way to pay for school became something he fell in love with as he grew a deep appreciation for serving his country.

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The Army Paid $300,000 Of My Dental School Tuition

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