What It’s Like to Be a Kpop Idol | Former Kpop Star Shares Story

Curious what it’s like to become a Kpop idol or Kpop trainee? Today I chat with Jeanne who was in the kpop industry for several years. She shares her experience as a kpop star, why she ultimately left, opens up about divorce and grief, and what’s in her makeup bag. 

This conversation is part of the series, Mohae with Jenny Park: Celebrating AAPI Month, where I chat with different Asian American leaders and creators about their experiences and career paths. Growing up, I didn’t see many Asians in leadership positions nor did I even know so many different jobs existed! The goal of this series is to share a peek into different paths and create visibility. 

I appreciate Jeanney’s heart so much. We discuss:
– Her experience in the kpop industry
– Why she left the industry 
– The power of vulnerability and transparency
– Leaning into her gift of beauty and redefining holy (spoiler she makes me cry)
– Sacred vs secular
– Her favorite beauty products today

You can follow her on IG here: https://instagram.com/jeanneysun?utm_medium=copy_link

– How Jezz Chung, a DEI Leader, pitched her dream role: https://youtu.be/QaKbFmKMONA
– What it’s like to work in tech PR: https://youtu.be/j-XMhZFNk4k-
– Why we need diverse children books: https://youtu.be/DykfFmyT5uI

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