What It’s Like to Be a TV Producer? | Author of Anna K’s Career Story

To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander / Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I’m sitting down with a variety of Asian Americans to discuss their career paths and how they got there. Growing up, I didn’t see Asians represented in many leadership positions, nor did I even know so many diverse and creative jobs even existed! 

Today’s guest is Jenny Lee. She is an author, television writer and producer. She has worked on shows on BET, Disney, and Freeform. She recently wrote her debut YA series, “Anna K” and “Anna K Away” which has been featured on Marie Claire, Time, Buzzfeed, and more. In this video, Jenny shares how she got started as a writer, the standoff with her parents when she decided to pursue this craft, behind-the-scenes of writing for a Disney show, and what has been most meaningful about the Anna K series.

(Sorry the audio cuts out at end! Got copyright music issue so it got cut.)

1:51 — How long it took from writing to publishing
3:05 — Discovering her love for writing
4:17 — Growing up as one of the few Asian families in Tennessee
5:15 – Secretly applying to art school
7:11 — Getting her foot in the door through book publishing
10:33 — Writing Asian leads in Anna K
12:10 — Writing and producing for TV shows
14:20 — Fashion and culture inspiration for Anna K
22:00 — Korean inspiration for Anna K
24:00 — The most meaningful response from Anna K
25:33 – Advice for aspiring Asian writers and authors
29:26 — What’s next for Jenny Lee

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