What it’s Like to Work in Tech PR? | VSCO Exec Career Story

Ever wonder what it’s like to pursue a career in Public Relations or Comms?

To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander / Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I’m sitting down with different Asian leaders to discuss their career paths, how they got there, and how they’re embracing their identity today. Growing up, I didn’t see Asians represented in many leadership positions, nor did I even know so many diverse and creative jobs even existed! So I’m passionate about elevating voices and stories.

Today’s guest is Julie Inouye, VP of Comms and Social at #VSCO! We talk about her career path from CNN to Yahoo to Playstation and VSCO. She shares about her first day of work on 9/11, offers advice about making career pivots and finding your voice, and opens up about embracing her Asian identity.

(Sorry the audio cuts out at end! Got copyright music issue so it got cut.)

7:45 — First job at CNN
11:10 — Gaining PR agency experience
14:00 — Pursuing impact and joining Yahoo
16:03 — Finding her boldness
17:30 — Pushing the stereotypes of being Asian
19:20 — Going to Playstation
22:00 — Joining LinkedIn
23:15 — Career advice on making pivots in your career
24:50 — Career advice on advocating for yourself
26:00 — Following passion for community and going to VSCO
27:35 — Being an Asian leader in Corporate America
29:17 — Speaking out for the Asian Community to #StopAsianHate

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