Why 40% of Millennials Are About to Quit Their Jobs

I’ve spent the past 3 hours reading articles and watching videos on why people are leaving their jobs, or atleast wanting to leave their jobs. So in this video, we are going to break down whats happening , and If you should leave your job potentially, and if you are employer what you should be trinng to do to keep your employees.

I think most people don’t want to be 100% at home and 100% at the office, what they want is job flexibility. And because some employer don’t want to offer that. A lot of people are consider leaving if their employers do not accommodate.

And the big thing is: you ever heard the saying empty threat. Where you say your going to do something but have no means to do it, well these treats are not empty. Because there are over 9million jobs currently available in the market ( so people got options )

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1. What exactly is Going on
– Well the pandemic was literally a year ago, things are slowly resuming back to normal as people no longer require mask and so on
– However from the employee side, the pandemic changed the game for people

Here is what it showed people:

One: We can work remote and I like it
– Not just from the perspective that I don’t like Michael Scoot in the office
– But I get to be home, spend less money and time on commute, and overall be able to focus more on my work

Second: My job is not as safe as I thought it was
– I have friends that work in the hotel business
– Guess what happened they were laid off
– My uncle was laid off for months
– So these people took the time to learn new skills and go into something better
– I have friend that learned about coding, and I have my uncle that got his license and now wants to drive trucks

Third: I don’t really like living in this state
– When you realize you can do a job from any state and not have to pay a crazy rent
– For example a lot of people move from cali to Nevada
– From new York to florida

Forth: I’m not being paid what I deserve
– People have know this for a long time but for the first time they had leverage
– People the pandemic opened up so many more job opportunities for people

Firth: This job doesn’t align with me and my values
– When you are in your house for 24 hours a day
– You start to think about what you want and what you don’t want
– And I think that’s what happened

2. The Millennial Story Line
– People think that millennials and gen z are just job hoppers and they cant really be trusted to hold a job
– But its not really that simple
– And remember Millennials are ages 25-40 and genz are 6-24

Truth is: the US has not have the best economy since 2000-2015 ( we had the 2000 bubble and and we also had the real estate crash 2008)
– But remember this was 20 years ago
– People are graduating from college, which a bunch of debt
– And now they have to find employment in a limited employment
– So pick whatever they can

– You have millennials that after 10-20 years of work
– Finally notice that they are not being appreciate or they don’t get paid what they deserve
– So its not job hopping its more like being smart
– What I think will happen

We cant have 100% remote work:
– First reason being we are social creatures
– And being in the office and collaborating and throwing ideas around is important
– Plus imagine the competition

We will have Hybrid Work:
– Where solo work is done from home
– And collaborative work is done in the office
– Some employer are switching out the cubicles from round tables

A lot of people will quit: and that’s a good thing




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