Why Smart People Pay Mortgage Weekly

You know what I’ve learn, sometimes just 1 simple change can save you a lot of cash. What if I told you that just by making your mortgage payments weekly or bi-weekly you could be done with your mortgage 4 years early and also save thousands of dollars ( I’m talking 10s of thousands not a small amount )

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0:00 Intro
1:17 This Is a Fact
2:56 Here is How it Works
5:39 Results
9:18 What to Do Next and How to do it
13:46 Outro

1. This Is a Fact
– For the first 5-10 years of your mortgage ( you’re paying the bank more towards interest than you are towards the actual money you own )
– Only 19.9% of the properties in are America are owned Mortgage Free ( so you’re going to be their a lot faster by using this rule )
– Small changes can have a big impact ( when it comes to dealing with a massive things )

For example: Fun Fact
– Did you know that if a plan off just by 1 ( every 60miles you fly you’ll be off destination by 1mile )
– So a flight to Texas can end up in California or something crazy
– So the point is, over a long period of time, small changes can really make a difference

2. Here is How it Works
– By paying your mortgage Bi-weekly you end up paying an extra month every year
– And when I first heard this, it took me like 15-20m to understand it
– I was so confused ( but then it made sense, because we are using the calendar in our favor )

For Example:
– If I pay $1000 bucks a month on my mortgage ( I’ll end up paying $12,000 dollars a year – because you have 12 month and 12 payments )
– However If I pay bi-weekly, 1000 divided 2, I pay $500 bi-weekly, that means I would make 26 payments a year ( and if I divide that by my 2 payments a year )
– Hey I’m making 13 payments instead of 12 payments ( I’ll pay an extra month )

Instant Idea:
– So I’m doing all of this just to pay an extra month
– Funny, that’s not gonna make a difference
– Remember 1 degree can land you somewhere completely different

3. Results
– So if buy a house for 300k and put down 20% ( my loan balance is 240k )
– In this example you would be saving: $28,054.44
– Idk about you, but that’s a lot of money
– And you also finish 4 years early

Ps: if you did a 15 year mortgage loan
– You would save over 100k ( and that’s a big difference )
– And you also finish 15 years early

4. What to Do Next and How to do it
– When will the payment be credited to the Principle ( some lenders apply it all at the same time and not earlier at all )
– Is their a fee for paying bi-weekly or weekly ( and some big banks that I wont mention did away with weekly or bi-weekly payments) Crunch the number to make sure the benefits outway the cons
– Pre-payment penalties ( which is rare but double check )
– Variable Income People: this might be challenging to you
– What about my Tax saving on interest ( an incentive, should be a bonus not a reason)
– Will this increase my credit score ( no, and who cares )




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