The definition of rich according to Google is “ having a great deal of Money or Assets”, and when you type in google rich people, what comes up are celebrities, nice cars and a lot of fancy restaurants. And interesting enough, they all seem to be young and beautiful.

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1. The Question I get Asked is: Where do I invest, What do I invest into, How much do I invest, and how often do I invest. Then why?
– Where to Invest: I use m1 Finance its simple and free ( which are my two favorite words )
– What I invest into: Roth Ira or 401k, you only invest into a taxable account if you have more than $25,500 a year to invest ( because it makes sense to max out all the retirement accounts first )
– How much do I invest: 10-20% of your income, once you are debt free, and have an emergency account. ( this prevents extra stress and possible that you will prematurely sell your investment to cover surprises )
– How often do I invest: On a monthly basis Is fine or a bi-weekly basis is fine, but you have to consistently invest the same amount at the same time. ( dollar cost average )
– What Assets do I invest into: Index funds and ETFs: Large cap US, Large Cap International, Small Cap US, Real estate Reits and emergencing stocks

WHY? Is the questions I get after I tell people all this stuff

2. Lets run Some numbers
– If you make $4,000 a month
– 15% is that is $600 dollars a month
– $500 you can put into your Roth Ira to max it out and the $100 into your 401k
– This portolfio I gave you makes 8-12% on average throughout the marathon

10 Years from Now: 141k makes you $5,640 bucks a year
20 Years: 581k makes you $23,240 a year
30 years: 1.9M makes you $76,000 a year

This is Called the 4% rule: if you’re investments grow by 12% but you only take 4% you’ll never run out of money for a minimum of 33 years

Now remember This:
– If you also get a 15 year mortgage and pay extra ( in 10 years you have no mortgage )
– You can invest a lot more money
– But you can also enjoy the marathon also

3. Real example which is me ( And by the Time you watch this video, The course I’m creating should already be out )
– So here is my Life as one of the first testimonies of many, of Financial Freedom Steps Course

– I have 0 Personal Debt
– I have an emergency account with 6 months worth of emergencies ( for me that’s only $15k )
– I have an investment account: $320k total which pays me $12,800 a year
– I have a paid of home ( no mortgage, but if I did buy I would buy using our formula )
– So today: I have a lot of extra money to invest, to Enjoy and to Give

– This marathon is one you have to run on your own and its going to take time, but as long as you do things correctly you will make it
– I have family, that I try to help with knowledge but all they want is money
– Remember knowledge beats money 10 out 10 times




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